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++ Odds are, if you ever heard of Metrópole or you live here, then you know about the Favelas, or to those not versed in our beloved Portuguese, Slums or Shanty-Towns. Though, in all fairness, we should describe them as Shanty-Cities at this point. Fact is:  Of the 200 million people living in Metrópole, there's an estimate of 18 million people living in Slums. That's almost 10% of the total population.

These Favelas formed due to the illegal and irregular occupation of land by those that would otherwise be homeless. When the slums that already existed began growing exponentially and some new ones began to form from the tent cities that followed the great migration, some parts of cities and sometimes whole towns were abandoned by the previous occupants that felt uncomfortable or intimidated by the influx of strangers, or simply because the cluttering or roads and streets forced a changed in lifestyle they weren't willing to make.

Metrópole isn't just the largest metroplex in the world, it's also the home to the largest Slums known to mankind in any age. There are over 100 different zones classified as Slums spread throughout Metrópole and each is home to hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of people.  It's a common misconception that all those that live in the Slums are SINless and unemployed, living in extreme poverty. While this is true for a fair share of the population, many people in the Favelas actually have SINs and work dayjobs on the core districts. Whoever, the great majority of the SINless do reside in Slums, because not only it's cheap, but also because few security corps are foolhardy enough to enter them, and those that are usually only do so when they are seeking something specific. Nobody 'patrol' the slums.

The Metrópole Council, in order to stop irregular occupation and end the expansion of Slums (by which I mean, preserver some real-estate value) has erected a number of 'Slum-Walls' separating them from the rest of city. Those citizens with jobs on the other side will receive work passes linked to their SIN, allowing them to cross the checkpoints everyday to make some (but usually very little) honest Nuyen before going back.

Most Shadowrunners find that the Slums suit their purposes very well. The fact most Security Corps won't go deep in there mean it's a good place to rest and hide your stash, and the low cost of living means you can save your hard earned Nuyen for things that really matters. Namely C4 explosives and cyberwear. Besides that, the etiquette in the slums, due to the high rate of crime, means that most people are happy to be cordial and stay out of each other business. Find yourself a hideout and make good friends with the neighboring gang and you'll have a neat cozy place where you can leave your shit and it won't get stolen (often). }


 >>:Veneno { 18 Million SINners live in the slums. There's no data on SINless people. But there should be at least other 4 million. }

 >>:Nitro {  That sounds a bit too much. }

 >>:Veneno { Welcome to real life Nitro, glad you could join us. }


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