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Gangs. Odds are you'll run into them. They are a important part of underground operations doesn't matter what part of the world you are and Metrópole is no exception. If you need someone to smuggle you past the Slum Wall, or acquired some volume of illegal firearms, or even if you just want your BTL fix, you damn chip-head, you will have to deal with them. And most of the Favelas are controlled by one gang or another.

The most common type of gang in Metrópole is what they call 'Comando'. Comandos give the idea of being organized large gangs like the mob, but reality is a bit more complicated. Each comando, usually marked by a 3 letter code, is actually a joint of very independent criminal cells, each with it's own boss. This cells have their own agendas, territories and economies completely separated from each other. Whoever, these cells avoid competing with each other and pay respect to a 'leader'. A more symbolic position of mediator between the Cells rather than someone who actually order them around. Comandos are usually united by a common origin, but as the criminal faction expanded beyond what a single leader could control, they head their own way and avoid fighting those with the same origin. And while Comandos avoid Infigthing, they often have blood feuds with other Comandos. This rivalries between different Comandos are as much a part of their identity as their common origin, and usually can be traced back to it. Comandos primarily exist and operate in the Favelas, and deal in the drug and sex trade, but can dip their hands in most unsavory business.

Aside from the commandos, the usual criminal families make their presence known across Metrópole. The Yakuza is really strong in São Paulo district, courtesy of Renraku's agressive pro-Japanese policies, and other international criminal families often operate smuggling rings from the Santos District. In Rio, the pan-American cartel known as 'The Aztecs' is one of the greatest suppliers of illegal firearms and drugs.

Another item that belongs in this category are the Milicias, or militias. This former security workers are as bad as any gangs, but the product they 'sell' isn't BTL or drugs, but 'protection'. Milicias often drive the local Comandos or crime family out their turf and take over charging protection money to keep the citizens safe, and if not eliminating criminal activity, ensuring it has to be conducted very discreetly. Milicias are sometimes hired by people tired of being pushed around by Comandos, and the poor bastards don't even know they are inviting a Snake into their grass. Milicias will sometimes associate themselves with religious groups and help enforce their faith over sectors of the Favelas as part of 'keeping the morals and good customs'. Most Milicias members are retired veterans from the army or security companies, and some members are still on their payroll, since Milicias operate in the Slums where Corporations rather not go in a official capacity.

Below are some more in depth information of specific groups: }







>>:Nitro:{Most of them are  scum and can't be trusted further than you can throw then. Gangs are even more likely to double cross than corps. Mostly because they sometimes hire people they can't afford to pay.}

>>:Veneno:{I would suggest gaining their respect before working for them, Nitro. Then they wouldn't see you as expendable. But it's true there's no lost love between gang-members and Runners in this side of the pond.}


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