Running the Shadows in Metropole


Hoi there, Chummer. If you hit this page, it's very likely that you're new to Metrópole or new to the Shadows, and in both cases, you'll need all the help you can get. There's a few useful sources out there for someone just starting out in the shadows, so I'll not go into much detail about being a beginner shadowrunner. Do some virtual legwork yourself. That's lesson 1.

Instead, I'll use this page to explain the little things that may make Metrópole  a rather unique place to work, in both a bad and a good way.

First, and this is important…There's no 'Metrópole' as a single monolithic block. The districts are semi-autonomous, much like Seattle, if you've been there. Except we are looking at seven Seattle's stuck really close together. Formally, they are all part of the Zona Livre, and anyone living within a district is free to go to any other without needing to explain themselves. But in practical terms, that's not true. Corps keep a close watch over anyone moving out of their favorite district, with security checkpoints on roads, and tracking their SIN whenever they use stuff like the TB and the Subway lines with their passes. 

A runner, however, is constantly crossing district lines in search of work. And this means that one of your number one priority when taking a job, is making sure you can get there. I'm not kidding here, omae.  There are many, many examples of runners taking on jobs only to find out they don't have any fake SIN to present at the TB station, and no work pass to go through the Slum-Wall checkpoint. Usually this means leaving an employer angry, a team hanging without their expected heavy weapons expert, and everybody going home hungry because they missed a payday. So, know your drek!

Another important thing to mind here is the Favelas, or Slums for those of you coming from other places in the world. Favelas are huge areas of irregular occupation where those at the very bottom of the food chain live. Now, I know what you are thinking: "I don't need some Brazilian air-head telling me what are slums and shanty-towns." Well, you're wrong. Favelas aren't your average slum. The sheer size and population of Metrópole's slums are unprecedented and unique. Even before the whole Hualpa deal went down and Amazonia was just how people called the forest, not a country in itself, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo had slums with more population in them than average large town anywhere else in the world, reaching the occasional hundreds of thousands of people. And the crime rates drove the governments of that time to build large concrete walls to limit the access of people from the Favelas to the rest of town, funneling their flow to a few spots where they would be more easily controlled. This was the little prototype of the Slum-Walls. Many of the big slums in Metrópole right now are surrounded by a wall, and the citizens living within may only go into the cities proper with a Work-pass. And that's a privilege for the SINners living in the slums. Within the microcosmos of the slums, those are the higher class. Slums have an unusual high concentration of SINless people. Mostly because, as the Slum-Walls make it clear, corps just 'gave up' on them. Their security forces don't go into slums if they can avoid it, not even to chase criminals, else they'd be received with gunfire from the local gangs. Any illegal business in there is free to exist as long as it doesn't pour out. Many, and perhaps most, of Metrópole's Runners have chosen the slums as their base of operations for that very reason.

And at last, another important point for those new to Metrópole, you must know this: Brazilians are a deeply social people and a very nuanced culture for interaction. The phrase 'It's not who you are, it's who you know' is true anywhere in the world, but here it gains a special meaning. For gaining access to people, you'll need people to vouch for you. And you'll be called to do the same for them, often. Giving your thumbs up might sound trivial, but think twice before doing so. Saying someone is 'Firmeza', meaning they are reliable, to your favorite hardware provider, and then knowing that person scammed them, will severely hurt your reputation, even if you had nothing to do with the scam. In the same way, it might be hard to find a dealer if you don't already have friends here to point you in the right direction. Brazilian people hug and kiss on the cheek, get used to physical contact, else you'll be taken as a 'stuck up' person and might be seem as untrustworthy. You'll sometimes be invited to events by those you know, and consider carefully before refusing. Nobody expects you to show up to them all, but being seem in important. Those absent from their immediate community at large, won't enjoy the sweet and sometimes necessary perks of being on its good graces.

Below, follows a few useful links that fo into further detail on some of the topics I just brushed on:



>>:Veneno { Isn't the whole getting around and passes thing just common sense now? What kind of idiot would leaves their team hanging because they missed the bus?}
>>:Zeta{ 'heavy weapons expert'…I know who you mean
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Running the Shadows in Metropole

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